February 7, 2008


Like most New Englanders, I spent the early part of this week in denial..... how on earth did the Patriots lose the Superbowl?

But, they did.

People who are usually very rational have been behaving like they just lost their best friend.

Well, I'm done with all that

Yes, it was a disappointing loss -- but, how greedy can we all be? I mean seriously, are we really feeling sorry for Tom Brady? Oh, poor little millionaire...... supermodel girlfriend, beautiful baby with supermodel ex-girlfriend, more money than he could ever spend, more records and titles than any other NFL player and oh yeah, he's only got three superbowl rings at the ripe old age of 30.

If anything, maybe it's nice for our kids to see that even Tom Brady can't always win.

Don't get me wrong -- I wish the Patriots had won, but...... there's always next year.

On the bright side -- pitchers & catchers report in 6 days -- Go Red Sox!


Above Average Joe said...

Like I told your husband, Schilling is shut down until July.

At least we have the Celtics.

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