February 21, 2008

Decisions, decisions

Well, folks.... here we are..... once again pretty pregnant and once again we have no baby names.... well, no acceptable baby names.

It should be easy, right? Well.... no -- not for me.... it's hard....

The 'lil man's first name is one we both liked.... his middle name is for my father & grandfather -- the 'lil lady..... well, we both liked the name, but -- if we are being honest, the Big Duyba named her and her middle name is for his maternal grandmother (which went over really, really well with Nana Dubya).
When I bring up the topic, the Big Dubya just glazes over.... says he's given me all the names he can come up with..... then I revisit my list -- there is no overlap we are back to square one.
Why is this so hard?


Sue said...

I think if Big Dubya got to name the last one, you should get the naming rights for this one! After all, you're doing the hard part.

Kara said...

Why is it so hard? You're giving this kid a name for life... that's a pretty big deal. As a teacher it was REALLY hard to find a name w/o negative associations so we went the straight family name route, as you know. Oh, and any name can be used to tease a kid. TRUST ME.
Look at the top 10 baby names and avoid those (Srsly, the world doesn;t need any more Jacobs or Emilys)-other than that, I know you'll do a great job- we heart the names you've chosen for your other two :)

P.S. I randomly picked Jacob and Emily as overused- turns out they're both #1- see what I mean? http://www.ssa.gov/

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