February 26, 2008

I wish Dunkin Donuts would do this

I like Dunkin Donuts a lot -- I know you "true" coffee people are probably shuddering at the thought, but...... Starbucks can be delicious, but other than their super fancy (and sometimes frozen) concoctions, their coffee always tastes burned to me.

But, at least it always tastes burned..... consistency is the key, I know what I'm going to get when I walk into a Starbucks.

Dunkin Donuts?...... well, it's a roll of the dice every time I walk into the place. They ought to follow the Starbucks model and do some training. I was initially so excited to see that Dunkin Donuts is doing 99¢ lattes today.... and then reality set in and I realized that there is a better than good chance that it'll taste like a 49¢ latte and I'll be sorry I bothered.


Sue said...

I agree! I like the Starbucks mocha (especially the peppermint ones at Christmas) but their regular coffee? Eh. And while I stop at Dunkin Donuts practically every day (and order pretty much the same thing, french vanilla, etc etc.) what I actually receive depends on who's making the coffee that morning.

Aunt P said...

I took advantage of the .99 promo yesterday. I had a mocha latte and it was a lovely treat to end the day.

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