February 27, 2008

I can't belive I'm going to admit it, but....

I actually watched an episode of the Supernanny -- and GASP, I actually enjoyed it.
Earlier in the week I'd seen a teaser for an episode about Wilson Philips singer (and daughter of Beachboy Brian Wilson) Wendy Wilson. For some reason, I am somewhat reassured about my parenting skills (or lack of) when I see people who have seemingly endless resources struggling with the same things we struggle with -- so I set the DVR to record.
So, the other night I couldn't sleep -- so, I turned it on and was shocked to see these people have the same problems as we mere mortals. They have a 3 year old, a 4 year old and 6 week old twins. They were battling things that I will likely face when #3 arrives -- a 3 year old who was regressing..... pacifier, potty training, etc.
Supernanny doesn't have a magic wand, and she doesn't attempt to turn the kids into zombies -- she just wants them to learn how to behave, while still being a child.
I'll admit it, I used to make fun of the show -- but I may watch again.


Aunt P said...

I can't believe you watched it! I caught an episode for the first time earlier this season and went watched another one (on purpose) after that because of a promo. My question is how do these people go to work the next day after they've exposed themselves on TV. I guess that could be asked of any reality TV show but this seems a bit worse since you bring your kids into it.

Arwen said...

I will watch the show if I see it on but am not sure watch station even carries it. Every show is the same though. Her formula is very successful - train the parents first, then the kids. I have noticed that usually the parents need more work than the kids.

Amy [Taste Like Crazy] said...

Oh I have no shame. I lurve Super Nanny. Joe and I are tight...pretty darn close to bffs.

I have to agree with Aunt P on the public humiliation point.

Can you imagine everyone and their mother seeing you at your parenting worst and your kids at their demon children finest? Scary, scary thought.

Darren said...

No shame in admitting that. I watched an episode of Paradise Hotel. I don't think I'll be watching again though.

Kara said...

Love the supernanny because Arwen's right- most of the time it IS the parents whether they realize it or not. I tend to get most frustrated w/ Kiddo when she does the things that her dad does to make me crazy. The kiddles watch us so closely and they copy us.

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