February 4, 2008

Daily Dilemas

Each day, I find myself faced with yet one of life's little dilemmas.....

If a co-worker (someone at your level) gets fired for "inappropriate use of computer" (translation: porn at work) and he had a better office than you...... how long do you wait before you ask to move in?

Granted, I'm not sure I want to be in that office....... some icky stuff probably went on in there, but.... it's got a much better view than mine.... not to mention better furniture..... I can probably get past the ick with some 409



Sue said...

Once he's left the premises, I think it's fair game to ask. I would bring my own chair, and definitely try to bleach the desk though.

cape buffalo said...

As long as you get a new keyboard, I say go for it!

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