July 10, 2008

Evolution of a Diaper Bag

Yeah, I kinda got a kick out of my supermarket post (1st baby v/s 2nd baby v/s 3rd baby), so I thought I'd continue the theme with the evolution of the diaper bag.

With my son (a.k.a. 1st baby or "'lil Dubya"), I had a diaper bag that weighed a ton -- it had EVERYTHING in it -- at least two outfits, enough diapers for 2 days... ya know, just in case we got stranded somewhere... wipes, healthy snacks for me, the Big Dubya and the 'lil man -- two full changes of clothes, band aids, cold medicine, Tylenol, gas drops, a changing pad, several blankets, several burp clothes, tons of plastic bags, 5 or 6 back-up pacifiers, a stain stick, orajel swabs, bottled water......

With my daughter (a.k.a. 2nd baby or "'lil Dubyette"), I had to streamline the diaper bag -- it was too heavy and bulky and I never used half the crap in it. So, we got rid of a lot of the stuff.... switched to a smaller bag -- still had the diapers and wipes, but only enough for the outing and maybe a few spares. It still had some snacks, but not all the pharmaceuticals or outfits.

With my 'liller son (a.k.a. 3rd baby or "'liller Dubya"), there is still a diaper bag -- but, now, it's called my purse -- there's one diaper in each size (there are a couple of floating around the car if we get really stuck) -- a small package of wipes, a bottle of water (for me!) a couple of ziplocks and maybe a half eaten bag of melted M&Ms from the last time I had to bribe someone to do what they were told, a bunch of broken crayons from whatever restaurant we ate at last and a few torn pages from a coloring book.


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