July 8, 2008

My girl card will probably get revoked, but....

I'm afraid of Sephora.

I know, I know..... everyone loves, loves, loves Sephora, how could it scare me?

I have friends who spend hours and hours perusing Sephora.... sampling all of the various "products" and could each of them easily spend a week's pay and still leave things behind.


I darken the door and get intimidated. There's so much in there -- where do you start? And all of those people..... the workers, the customers....even the guys..... they all know what to do with all of that stuff.... they know the brands, the colors


Lip liner.... a little gloss..... a touch of pressed powder if I'm looking blotchy or uneven and that's it -- I'm out the door.

What do I do? Do they offer classes? Should I hire a tutor?


Sue said...

Sephora's not as bad as the MAC store. The salespeople are actually helpful (although I've only bought perfume in there, not being a makeup person myself).

Kara said...

I heart Sephora. The "house brand" there is fantastic-and it's the cheapest stuff there. I once bought a lipstick that looked okay when I first applied it, but after 15 minutes, it turned a shade of Barney purple. They allowed me to return it for full credit. Basically you are allowed to return anything you buy but don't like- no questions. no receipt. no prob. Let's go the next time I visit you.

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