July 1, 2008

When refrigerators attack

When I was pregnant (let's be honest, when in the past 4 years have I not been pregnant???) the Big Dubya picked up some O'Doul's for me so that I could join him in ringing in the new year, toasting the world series, drowning our sorrows over the super bowl...... or for some celebration or other occasion.

I opened the fridge this afternoon and green glass came flying out. I noticed a pool of liquid on the shelf and so I began removing items until I found the culprit. I am no longer pregnant and apparently our refrigerator has decided to evict the faux beer.... and quite violently I might add.


Aunt P said...

Who knew the refrigerator would have an opinion on how many kids you should have. Apparently it thinks that three is enough.

Darren said...

I like how it left the real beer untouched.

Kara said...

I am SO glad you took the picture before you cleaned up the mess.

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