July 28, 2008

It requires more than just a packie run, or does it?

So, my braver half decided it would be a good idea to invite another blogger when we planned a visit from the Buffaloes.

Now, on multiple occasions I've threatened to invite some bloggers who live locally over for drinks or a cook-out but, despite the fact that they seem really cool, I chicken out -- there's something really nice about being anonymous.... as soon as you know you've got readers who know you, know your husband, know your kids, your friends, your family.... a certain amount of self-censorship comes into play. I can complain about my friends' kids being fresh or about hating my friend's husband here because I know most of my friends don't know this blog exists and so.... I can vent freely.... as soon as they discover it, the honesty begins to get chipped away..... and along with it goes some of the joy.... some of the liberating feeling that comes with getting it all off my chest.

Anyway, the Big Dubya's a fun guy..... he is, but -- he's a guy. He thinks that inviting people over requires sweeping the kitchen and making a packie run to pick up some fancy beer. For the most part, that's the way I was pre-kids. But now, I stress about having enough clean sheets, towels -- enough food, does this child eat this? will this child drink that? Of course the guys in our group of friends will just look at me and go..... "eat? you think she'll need to eat? I swear she ate yesterday."

The Buffaloes have been here many, many times -- they are dream house guests.... I don't stress about their visits anymore because I know they don't care if I swept under the couch and if I gave her the sheets, Kara would gladly make her own bed.... hell, she regularly cooks everybody's dinner..... half the time she even brings the food.... and Cliff? Cliff mans the bar (don't get excited, that's just fancy talk for counter top next to the beer fridge in our basement) he mixes drinks, fetches beer and chops the veggies for whatever Kara's cooking us for dinner.... he's even served as co-pilot on the grill.

But, this time..... we were having new people -- and, it was a Dad (Mom was out of town) and his three year-old..... this could have disaster written all over it.

Honestly, everything went just fine -- like the Big Dubya and Cliff, Tony was fairly in tune with what his daughter liked/disliked and all the kids got along famously -- they were amazingly well-behaved considering their ages and lack of naps. And, I think our house was actually cleaner when everybody left than it was when they arrived..... I may be hosting one of these gatherings monthly from now on..... keep this place tidied up.

Attention Parents of Toddlers: Make friends with the parents of an 8 year old girl..... and then invite them to everything... it's the cheapest most attentive babysitter you'll ever find!


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Darren said...

I think Jules in that comment up above wants to be invited over.

I know what you mean about staying anonymous. It would be great to meet bloggers, but it's also weird to mess with the status quo of getting along well on the blogs.

As for your last piece of advice, the maturity to be a babysitter must come at age seven or eight. Because Clare doesn't attentively watch anything except television.

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