July 17, 2008

I can't believe I'm going to say it.... sometimes I miss diapers

Having kids that are potty trained is awesome.

There's no doubt about it, after a while.... diapers are just gross -- they eat what we eat.... need I say more?

However, public bathrooms suck. Case in point -- the 'lil man had to go to the potty the other day while we were at the Mystic Aquarium. The Big Dubya was off getting us lunch and I was at a table with the three kids. Anyone who has a three-year old knows that when he says he has to go pee -- it means he has to go pee now.... right now.... not 10 minutes from now.... now.

I tried to flag down the Big Dubya, but to no avail.

I surveyed the situation -- three year old who has to be pee, 19 month old who is cranky and hungry, 4 week old asleep in the Bjorn strapped to my chest.

Okay, I grab the two "big" kids by the hand and we make a dash for the family restroom....... which is full...... and has another family waiting.

We go into the ladies room -- handicapped stall is out of order (of course it is) so, the four of us jam ourselves into a regular stall.

'lil man is too short to reach the toilet (which is filthy) and needs to be picked up to reach.

Are you getting a good visual here? I've got baby strapped to my chest in a Bjorn, I'm holding 'lil man a few inches off the ground so he can pee into the filthy public toilet all the while I'm begging the 'lil lady not to touch anything.

Yes, on that particular day..... I missed diapers.


Darren said...

As I recall, the bathrooms at the Aquarium aren't the greatest. Places that attract so many families should have more than one family bathroom and more bigger stalls. (I think 'more bigger' works there because I mean more stalls of bigger size.) I don't think I miss diapers though.

Arwen said...

I wish they had hand sanitizer in a mist that would magically disinfect the entire stall. When my daughtyer first was potty trained we had a mantra in public bathrooms: 'Don't touch anything'

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