May 9, 2008


My first child was delivered early -- my second child was also delivered early.

After yesterday's appointment -- it appears that there is actually a chance that this one may go to term....... this would normally be good news -- and of course, it is good news..... although, I'm really ready to be done.

It has, however, generated an unreasonable level of anxiety in me. See, although I have two children....... I've never done labor..... never had my water break, never had any "real" contractions....... haven't been dilated, haven't been effaced...... lightening? lightening? what's that?

So, now I'm totally convinced my water is going to break...... which from what I read on the internet only happens in advance of actual labor 15% of the time -- but yeah, I'm convinced that it's going to happen to me... and that it's going to happen any minute.

I'm not sure why I think this.... it could be that this baby has been sitting lower than my other two and has for quite some time now, it could be because this baby seems to be HUGE or maybe it's because there is just an absurd amount of pressure whenever the baby moves which is ALL THE TIME.
The Big Dubya finds this paranoia amusing...... he won't be laughing when it happens.


Above Average Joe said...

Good luck with #3

Sue said...

I think initially it would be a 'gush' - but after that just a trickle. However, I was also induced and the doctor broke my water, so your mileage may vary.

Good luck! You're in the homestretch now!

Kara said...

What Sue said- in my experience it feels like you're peeing yourself for, oh like ten hours (no gush, just a little trickle you can't stop). They kept asking if I wanted to get into the tub but I refused to move- all I wanted in life was to feel dry. I found the whole thing unnerving which is part of the reason we only have one.

Rachael said...

My water broke at 3 in the morning on my due date... I was sleeping and it woke me up, I woke up to a puddle in the bed and then after that every time I moved/had a contraction I would leak. It only lasted maybe an hour, then we were at the hospital and I don't remember feeling any more leaking then.

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