May 9, 2008

'lil Dubya (in a very excited voice): Look at this!
Mrs Big Dubya: What?
'lil Dubya (the excitment in his voice builds): Look at this!
Mrs Big Dubya: Buddy, I still don't see anything
'lil Dubya (more excitement): Look! on the floor!
Mrs Big Dubya: What? I don't see anything
'lil Dubya: pee pee
Mrs Big Dubya: Oh, you peed on the carpet
'lil Dubya: uh-huh
Mrs Big Dubya: Okay, I'll clean it up
'lil Dubya: Thank you Mummy

And this is my Friday.....


Mamacita Tina said...

See, you're so calm and matter of fact about it. You're a wonderful mommy. I on the other hand found myself exploding at such conversations.

"Thank you Mummy." Too cute.

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