May 5, 2008

Prince/Princess Consuela Bananahammock??

So, I'm back at work......

After the fire drill last week, I took a few days to "work from home" and got my blood pressure back to normal..... well, back to just merely elevated .... and, well here we are..... back at work. I'm in week 36 now, if we have to deliver -- we can, but a couple more weeks would be better -- so..... now we wait.

This baby is sitting much lower than my other two and is very active.... so I constantly feel like my water is going to break..... although, that's never happened to me before so I'm not really sure why I think that or what it would feel like if it were to happen..... does it hurt?

I had a mini-freak out on Thursday morning -- I was supposed to go to the doctor at 9:00 but, the doctor had a delivery so I got bumped to 1:30. I decided to take the opportunity to go to Target and pick up a few little things...... while I was there I was overcome by the thought that I haven't done anything for this baby yet. With the first you do EVERYTHING ahead of time.... and then re-do it just to be sure..... with the second, you do a few things... but you know that it's okay if every article of clothing isn't boiled prior to delivery. With the third? You are so busy with the first two that you do nothing. So, I went to the baby section to see if I needed to pick up anything and I saw newborn diapers were on sale..... so I grabbed some of those.... and then I saw that the preemie size were on clearance..... and that's when I started to cry. Right there in the middle of Target. Was I going to need these? again?

No, I was not -- I put them back and pulled myself together -- why rush to the worst conclusion.

Turns out, I was right -- the doctor thinks this baby is a good size...... already over 6 lbs...... if we are already over 6lbs and have 4 weeks to go with the baby gaining between ½ and 1 pound a week...... good God how big can this child get???? and wooohooo how skinny will I be after he/she's born??? okay, let's not get crazy

And, we still have no name for the child-to-be

Every time we get to a place where we say we agree on a name(s), I see the look of relief come across the Big Dubya's face and I feel good about our decision.... but only a day or so goes by before I realize that I'm just still not happy and I ask to go back to the drawing board.


Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Hey! Princess Consuela Bananahammock is the name we're going to use.

We're both coming down the home stretch and it suuucks, don't it? Wanna race? ;)

Arwen said...

I was going to email you today to see how you are doing and you read my mind or something. Whacky. Maybe you just have to wait to see him born before you can name him Rex.
Rex is a great name. At least it is shorter than Consuela Bananahammock.

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