May 8, 2008


Let's see..... yes, I'm still pregnant -- and all of my weight is shifting forward.

Seriously -- I used to be kind of "pregnant all over" -- not anymore -- now I look like I've got a basketball ( a full-size basketball, not one of the child or women size -- no official NBA size) tucked under my shirt.

It is also as hard as a rock (the Big Dubya joked that it gives new meaning to "abs of steel"), I can't get any pants up over it and every time the baby moves it feels like my internal organs are disintegrating..... lovely.

I now understand what women mean when they say they can't get comfortable at night -- I never had this problem with the first two, but this one..... this one doesn't like any position I assume and if I am lucky enough to get somewhat comfortable..... it doesn't last long because I'll inevitably have to get up to pee...... awesome!

My legs are good and swollen...... oh well, that happens.

My blood pressure is still elevated, but seems to have stabilized somewhat..... I go to the doctor this afternoon, we'll see what they have to say.... there was some talk of perhaps scheduling my delivery at today's appointment, but..... I'm not sure that'll happen.

I was up watching Leno the other night..... did you know that Helen Hunt's 4-year old daughter has never watched television? never watched a movie? I'm all for limiting television/movie viewing, but this seemed a little extreme. I'm still not sure if I'm impressed or if I think she's a total nutcase....... maybe both. Will this kid be really socially awkward? or what?

The 'lil Dubya seems to have recommitted to potty training -- which is good, except he uses it to avoid the things he doesn't want to do. In the middle of dinner if he doesn't want to eat anymore he announces he wants to use the potty -- 'cause he knows it'll get him away from the table.

The 'lil Duybette seems to have a new hobby..... hair puling. Yes, she likes to pull the hair of her brother, her classmates..... just about anybody. This is no gentle pulling either, she likes to grab a hold of hair and shake the other child's head..... she ends up with a fistful of hair and a crying child. UGH!

Still no baby names..... but now people are telling me that we are having a boy (something to do with the shape the basketball has taken on) -- so, my girl theory may be out the window -- I suppose we'll know soon enough.


Sue said...

I still think girl for some reason...

Good luck with your appointment!

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