May 26, 2008

Think you could help me out and have the baby today?

Yeah, so..... as if I needed incentive, my brother called me on Friday

RoRo: Hey sis, had the baby yet?
Mrs Big Dubya: Nope, still waiting
RoRo: Think you could take care of that today? It would really help me out
Mrs Big Dubya: Yeah, I really wish I could...... but..... it's kind of out of my hands -- why, what's so special about today?
RoRo: Oh, I went to the Celtics last night and got all banged up -- really need an excuse to blow off this bachelor party tonight -- a baby would do the job nicely
Mrs Big Dubya: Yeah...... wish I could help you out dude, really -- anything I can do to help your social calendar.

Anyway, 8:40pm on Monday night..... still no baby


Sue said...

ok, it's now Thursday and we need an update!!!

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