October 11, 2005

Attention all multi-taskers

As of October 1st there is a new law in Connecticut – no handheld cell phones while driving. Although I hate to admit it, this is probably for the best…. but I have to ask…. what about all the other dangerous distractions? aren’t those worthy of being banned?

For example…. how many times have you nearly wrapped your car around a tree because you were trying to drive while eating drive-thru food, applying make-up, lighting a cigarette, reading directions, fishing around for toll money, stopping your child from crying (or from beating the shit out of another child), finding a radio station, changing a CD, changing your clothes, tying you shoes, addressing an envelope, jotting down the number of a sign you just passed, fixing your coffee….. the list goes on and on. I’m guilty of all of the above …. well, not the cigarette one (I don’t smoke), but you get the picture. And, I’ve almost been killed by other cars with drivers trying to do all of those things and more. I’m also wondering why they limited it to hand-held phones…. the ones with headsets still need to be dialed and that’s the part that seems to distract me the most

It’s going to be a tough adjustment….. I’m a multi-tasker, I like to do multiple things at one time – and I used to catch up on all my phone correspondence while stuck in traffic…. now what will I do?


Kara said...

yeah, I agree- opening ketchup packets and cleaning up spills is way more distracting than talking on the phone. i probably shouldn't be sending text messages while i drive.

Aunt P said...

My blackberry is going to kill me. Text messaging is bad, but at least you are limited to a small amount of characters!

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