October 29, 2005

Any tips for REAL (poor) women?

So, I just received my issue of People magazine..... you may have seen it at the grocery store... on the cover are huge letters declaring "WOW! BODY AFTER BABY!" and photos of post-partum (and skinny) Denise Richards and Britney Spears. The sub-caption is "STARS SHARE SECRETS OF THEIR AMAZING SLIMDOWNS"

Well, I'm always in the market for a way to lose the last few pounds, so I flip to the article. Let me help you save your newstand price.... there are no reasonable secrets in her. Denise Richards has a personal trainer come to her house four-to-six times per week -- and, depsite the fact that she prepares meals for her two children -- Denise's meals are prepared and delivered to her house by a nutritionist. Debra Messing had celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson help her lose her baby-weight and Holly Robinson Peete had a celebrity trainer and Zone-diet meals prepared and delivered to her home.

Although all of these options sound appealing...... I'll be paying my mortgage this month instead.


Kara said...

Long ago, I realized that these people look good for a living. It's a full time job. They get paid exceedingly well for it. If I had a personal trainer, nutritionist, shaman, hair and makeup artists, and a stylist at my beck and call, I'd have no excuse but to look fabulous. Add free designer clothing and airbrushing and there's just no sense in comparing yourself to them.
The truth is, very few of these women are naturally prety. Your are. And I swear half of that "baby weight" you keep going on about is in your boobs.

Kara said...

exhibit A

Corinne said...

Seriously, if we all had personal trainers, we'd all look like Hollywood. But then again, who wants a stranger to show up at your house 4 to 6 times a week, make you workout, and feed you nothing? I'd take the joy of real food, relaxing, and having a few extra pounds over that anyday...

Aunt P said...

I'm with corinne! Let's eat, drink and be merry! What's the big deal with a few (and only a few!) extra pounds! Or course I say this now, but when I was forced into a bathing suit on my cruise a couple of weeks ago I was cursing every size 2 person that walked by in their string bikinis and perfect tans!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Seriously, I'm down below the weight I was when I got pregnant (then again, my twins are 18 months old), and I still look worse than I did before.

My question is how do we get back to looking like reasonable people?

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