October 26, 2005

It's in the air.....

This morning I awoke..... dreary and exhausted.... I have a cold, the Big Dubya has a cold, the 'Lil Dubya has a cold and he's teething.... nobody in our house is getting any sleep these days.... but life goes on and we've got to get to work. I stumbled across the room.... and down the stairs.... the Big Dubya forgot to shut off the light outside our front door before he came to bed last night..... better do that now.... approach the front door... No.... NO WAY.... it couldn't be.... it's only October.... not even Halloween yet.

Yes, my friends.... at 4:30 this morning, it was snowing at our house -- no accumulation of course, but it was snowing..... and coming down at a good clip too

Usually the first snow fall does little for me -- if anything it conjures images of shoveling and being cold. Somehow this time it was different..... 'cause this was the 'Lil Dubya's first snow.... and it made me think of how cute he'll look in his Winnie the Pooh snow suit, and how fun it'll be to buy him Christmas presents (that he won't understand) and we'll get to take his picture all dressed up in front of our Christmas tree -- in a couple of years we'll take him sledding and afterward we'll sip hot chocolate in front of the fireplace while our mittens dry

Somehow, this year.... the first snow doesn't seem so bad. I'm sure I'll be pissed about the shoveling when it snows again tomorrow


Corinne said...

Awwww.. no fair!!!! I want snow!! We never, EVER get good snow. Only in college did I get a chance to have a lot of snow. Send some our way!!!

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