October 4, 2005

Girls are sports fans too

Why is it that people (men) assume that girls and women know nothing about sports? or aren't "true" fans?

I was chatting with my good friend Cape Buffalo on Saturday.... we were both watching the RedSox shit the bed against the Yankees (fortunately, they redeemed themselves on Sunday). I had called her because she's a Sox fan.... I knew she'd be watching.... the only question was whether or not she was watching the game at home.

As we were consoling each other, she mentioned that Mr Buffalo was going to the Patriots game on Sunday.... friends of "THEIRS" (let's note THEIRS, not his, THEIRS) had invited him.... not her.... him. Sadly, this is a common trend. I won't pick on the Buffalo's friends.... 'cuz I don't know them, so I'll pick on my own family.

Last season, my cousin (who has season tickets to the Jets) invited my husband, my brother & my sister's boyfriend (now fiancee) to their game against the Patriots. Here's my question.... he's my cousin.... why were my husband & sister's boyfriend invited..... why not me & my sister? It's because we are girls! When it comes to sports, girls and/or women are second-class-citizens and it must end.


Kara said...

word, sistah!

Aunt P said...

count me in!

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