October 10, 2005

I got carded!

So, the Big Dubya is away on business.... leaving me and the little man to our own devices.

For the first time since he started "school" I got to be the one to pick him up in the evening.... and let me tell you, it's a hell of a lot more gratifying than dropping him off in the morning. I got there a little late (people drive stupid in the rain), and I saw him sitting over by the window laughing and smiling with one of the teachers..... it was a little sad to see another woman in his life, but.... I know I'm still #1. I went over and chatted with the teacher for a couple of minutes... I hadn't met this one before... she seemed nice enough -- just as the Big Dubya described her..... and then I went to take him from her and she resisted..... sheepishly, she explained that she needed to check with one of the other teachers. As it turns out..... the teachers who know me (the morning teachers) are all gone by the time the Big Dubya arrives..... so when she discovered that nobody in the place had met me yet, she needed some sort of confirmation that I was the 'lil guy's mother -- she asked to see my drivers license.

In fairness, I'm glad that they take such precautions -- I guess I just never thought I'd have to show ID to get my baby back


Aunt P said...

That is too funny, but also very comforting to know they take such precautions. But come on? Didn't they see the resemblance!

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