October 17, 2005

Hello..... Anybody out there?

So, Aunt P and the Tall Guy (her fiancee.... although, Martha Stewart says you aren't really engaged until you have a wedding date, but I digress) went on a cruise last week..... the cruise ran from Sunday-Sunday, so they are back.... but does she return any of my calls or messages? NOOOOOO.

There are so many things I'm dying to tell her (and that she'd be dying to hear)..... yet, not a word.... not even a peep!

I mean, she'd want to know that our cousin and his wife finally had their much awaited baby, she'd be thrilled to hear that the 'lil Dubya went to the pediatrician on Friday and weighted in at an impressive 9lbs 13½ ounces and was 22 inches long, she'll care that while she was sipping tropical concoctions by the pool -- our poor parents had to commit uncle Chester to the loony bin (and that he has since checked himself out)...... and really, I want to know if she even suspected that Lucas on General Hospital is gay!.

So why wouldn't she call me back? I'm wondering if she's afraid.... but why would she be afraid..... UNLESS...dum, da, dum, dum, dum.... Unless she & the Tall Guy got swept up in some shipboard romantic moment and got married by Captain Stubing........ and she doesn't want to tell us...... hmmmmmmmmm so maybe Aunt P is no longer Aunt P....... maybe she's really Mrs Tall Guy?

If she ever freakin' calls me back, I'll let you know........


Aunt P said...

1) I didn't know you called and weren't you the first person I called this morning?
2) I knew she had the baby. It happened before I left for the cruise and you were the one that told me.
3) That's great news about little dubya. I could tell he was getting better last week when I baby-sat (and oh, yeah, where was the blog on that?), but I didn't realize he was almost double digits. Congrats to the little guy!
4) Definately would have liked to know about Uncle Chester...
5) could have waited to learn about Lucas on GH, but wasn't it a surprise to find out that Rick Springfield (of Jesse's Girl fame) was reprising his role as Dr. Noah Drake. Guess he gave up his gig at the MGM in Las Vegas...

And finally, no. We did not get married. I am not Mrs. Tall Guy just yet, but yes, we are engaged with or without the date. The date will be coming soon enough. Just stay tuned...

Kara said...

ah, sisters. I get along so much better with mine now that she lives in California.
btw- RICK SPRINGFIELD?!? are you kidding? I'm so resuming my GH watching. I stopped watching when Anna and her creepy kid met that alien some time in the late 80's but I always LOOOOVED Dr. NOah Drake. My camp roommate, Chelsea was the president of the Rick Springfield fanclub in Providence Rhode Island her he sent her a dozen white roses. sigh.
Wait a minute... if he's the slightest bit unhot, maybe I won't watch. Some unrequited fantasies need not be disturbed.
Is he still hot?

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