October 21, 2005

The need for speed

So, today I made the trek from CT to Boston to bring the 'lil Dubya to visit my parents (Granny & Grandad). It was all in all an uneventful trip -- the 'lil guy fell asleep as we pulled out of the driveway and didn't wake up until about 5 minutes before we arrived..... can't ask for much better.

Now, the MassPike is no stranger to me..... four years at the University of MA in Amherst, a year and a half of the Big Dubya living in the Berkshires while I lived in Boston and now two years of living in CT..... the Pike is like an old friend. I know where the rest stops are and I know where most of the speed traps are....... but my oh my have things changed.

Back in the day.... when I was a young and frisky college student -- dodging speed traps was like a sport. You would keep your eyes open for lights on top of a car...... sometimes you'd get tricked by ski racks, but.... it was a good system. Toward the end of college, the cars didn't have lights on the roof anymore -- the were now in the grill -- made things a little more challenging, but.... you could still discern the "staties" from the grandparents up from Florida.

But these days -- all sport is gone. I stopped counting all the people I saw pulled over on the pike today -- but they weren't stopped by the Crown Vic's -- oh no....... now it's Jeep Liberties, Mustang 5.0s and a f'ing YELLOW CORVETTE!!! -- Are you kidding me? That's not a fair fight -- no self respecting speeder is going to slow down when challenged by a corvette (even if it is bright yellow)

I managed to escape unscathed today -- probably because I'm more aware of my speed with the 'lil guy in the car, but still...... what is this world coming to?


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