December 27, 2006

Cleaning out the closet

Okay, so.... the 'lil dubyette will be moving into what has historically been known as our guest room and as a result, we need to clean the room out. More specifically, I need to clean out the closet in that room....... the closet that, for the past three years, has primarily been used to house the "overflow" of my wardrobe.

What's in the "overflow" closet you might ask..... well, back in the mid-90's the concept of "business casual" had not yet emerged.... we all wore suits to work. Thinking that I was more high upwardly mobile than I was.... I bought pretty good suits (Ann Taylor, Jones New York, Evan Piccone, etc) so, when the "business casual" concept caught on -- I was hesitant to part with these clothes.... just in case I'd find myself needing them again.

This argument makes a little bit of sense, unless you factor in the fact that all of these suits and dresses are size 4.... I am not.

Like most women, I tell myself that I'll lose a few pounds and get back into them -- and, who knows.... I might. So, as I survey the items in this closet, I've began asking a new question. "Mrs Big Dubya, if you manage to lose 10lbs...... AND found yourself in position to fit into these AND in a job where you need to wear a suit..... would you ever wear this thing again?"

Surprise, surprise...... for the most part the answer is a big fat NO! I can't believe I ever wore some of this stuff..... granted, some of it is nice -- but...... some of it...... UGH, what were we thinking?

So..... I'll be making a trip to the GoodWill this weekend -- can you say tax deduction?


Sue said...

We usually do the pre-12/31 trip to Goodwill too. And somehow the closets keep filling back up.

So you didn't go through that whole nesting phase right before you had the lil dubyette and clean the room then?

Aunt P said...

at least you can say you were once a size 4!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I take a load to Goodwill once a month. Yet it still piles up. Where is it coming from?

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