December 30, 2006

Dear Mr & Mrs Big Dubya

Dear Mr & Mrs Big Dubya,

Just a quick note to thank you and your family for single handedly helping us make our quarterly earnings. If it weren't for you and your vomiting children, we most certainly wouldn't have sold enough Tide and Dreft to meet our lofty year-end sales goal. Although we were sorry to hear about their "nasty-assed virus" (technical term used by the pediatrician on Friday morning), we were thrilled to hear that you'd be working on the weekend's 11th load of laundry by noon on Saturday.

We have passed your names along to our good friends over at Maytag.... they will surely want to know about the work you are doing with their washer/dryer.

Proctor & Gamble
(manufacturers of Tide & Dreft Laundry Detergent)


Sue said...

Uh oh. Doesn't sound good. I hope everyone is on the mend at the Dubya's, and the Tide/Dreft usage can go back to normal levels.

Becky said...

Happy New Year!

Baba said...

Great! Funny stuff! Oh . . . yeah . . . and yikes! sorry to hear about the virus. My wife had some intestinal thing last week. So strong was our memory of the last time the whole family got a major "nasty-assed" stomach virus — like, 2 years ago — we were all washing our hands every two minutes and my wife quarantined herself for a while. (It worked [?] . . . anyway it didn't spread; whew!)

Kara said...

oh those poor babies!!!!!


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