December 17, 2006

A partridge in a pear tree..... well not quite, but close enough

So folks, here we are..... 7 days to go..... is your shopping done?

Like everyone, there are a few people on my list that are Impossible to buy for.... I mean, what do you buy for the people who have everything. The Big Dubya's parents for example -- he's retired, she's near retired and they are beginning to "down-size".

Hey Mrs Big Dubya, those Hummels you've been buying are nice and all, but they are no longer appreciated, as we are in the process of pruning down the collection -- and before long, we'll be dumping them on giving them to you

Of course, they would never say that -- but, that's kind of where they are in their life.

Aunt P and Mr Tall Guy -- well, they are DINKS (double income no kids) -- what they want, they buy for themselves long before we have the opportunity to give it to them as a gift (assuming we could afford it anyway).

The list of tough people to buy for goes on and on..... so, I think this year.... everyone's getting a flock of geese. This is a great organization that helps out needy people in developing countries by providing them with live stock. And, you can choose just how generous you want to be -- they have a menu for lack of a better word. A heifer is $500, but a share of a heifer is only $50.... a sheep goes for $120, but a share of a sheep is an affordable $10.

If someone on your list truly has everything they need (and fortunately, that's probably most of us) -- give them the satisfaction of helping someone who really does need something.


Kara said...

Heifer is such a great organization. What a cool idea!!

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