December 8, 2006

Okay folks, trying not to panic

So, I posted yesterday about being annoyed with Disney because they had sent me a coupon AFTER I'd placed an order..... essentially robbing me of the opportunity to save money. I know it makes me sound incredibly cheap -- and that's not really the case -- I just hate overpaying for stuff.

Anyway, seeing that the merchandise hasn't shipped yet -- I sent Disney an email asking if I could still apply the coupon..... figured, what have I got to lose.... the worst that can happen is that they say "no."

I got a response this morning that truly boggles the mind..... it basically didn't answer the question at all, but instead informed me that the stuff I ordered back on November 22nd is on back-order and won't be available until the third week of January at the earliest. By the way.... this is the first I'm hearing of this!!!! This particular order consists of Christmas gifts for 5 children ranging in age from 3-5..... I'm guessing that they won't understand the concept of "back-order"..... they'll just think the Dubya's don't have their shit together.

So, Mr Disney..... here are my questions:

Why is the stuff I ordered back in November now suddenly on "back-order"?
Why was I not notified until I initiated correspondence regarding your price adjustment policy? It would have been nice to have the opportunity to select alternate gifts.
What are you offering as a replacement/substitute product?
Why are you still accepting orders for these items saying that if ordered by 12/4 then they'll be delivered prior to Christmas? Mine were ordered on November 11th and apparently aren't coming 'til January!
What am I supposed to tell these 5 small children on Christmas morning, huh????

I'll let you know what response Mr. Disney sends.....

Holiday Viewing Guide:
ABC Family is showing the Polar Express at 8:00 and 10:30..... I haven't seen this, so I may watch just to see what it's all about. They are also showing Jack Frost at 7:00, but.... I've never gotten it.

Additionally, ABC Family is running a marathon of holiday specials on Saturday -- see here for details.


Kara said...


SO annoying!! As if you don't have enough going on right now. That happened to me once with a wedding gift I bought online at Williams Sonoma (Yeah, I'm naming names because there is NO excuse for bad customer service-. Backorders? Stuff happens. Bad service? Totally avoidable). Anyway, the bride and groom never got their gift and I only heard about it MONTHS after the fact when I saw the refund on my credit card statement. Grrr.

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