December 7, 2006

Not my year for shopping

Beware, holiday rant follows:

Okay, so..... the 'lil Dubyette was due December 2nd. As a result, I had intended to do the bulk of my holiday shopping early -- figuring that the 'lil lady might be late and/or might not appreciate being lugged from store to store in the cold during her first few weeks of life.

I thought this was the prudent course of action..... what I didn't count on was that all the stores would wait until mid-December to put their stuff on sale.

When did I learn the promo code for LLBean's free shipping? yep, three days after I placed an order and paid $8 to have the crap mailed to me -- the free shipping code is 2324840 in case you were wondering. Oh, and by the way... starting today they'll give you a $10 gift card for spending $50 -- yeah, sucks to be me.... cause in an attempt to be a good parent, I ordered early.

Let's move on to Disney -- I ordered several items from them back in November because they said if you wanted it personalized it would take several weeks...... yeah, well the coupons for an additional 27% off arrived in my inbox today (Code for that one is GOOFY27)-- once again, sucks to be me. I sent them an email seeing that the merchandise hasn't even shipped yet -- maybe I'll get lucky..... I'll keep you posted

I ordered a couple of Christmas ornaments from Lenox -- again, personalized for the 'lil lady's first Christmas...... that afternoon, I received a coupon for $10 off.... are you kidding me???? I emailed them pronto and asked if they'd accept the coupon seeing that I'd place the order only hours before -- fortunately, they did....

I realize that it's only a couple of bucks here and a couple of bucks there, but..... I hate over-paying for stuff. Before you order anything online, go to -- they list online coupon/promotion codes for every store you can think of

Tonight's Holiday LineUp
ABC Family
7:00 Santa Claus is Comin' to Town -- (one of my all time favorites!)


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