December 11, 2006

My Weekend -- by Mrs Big Dubya

On Saturday morning I called Disney to open up a can of whoop-ass. I wanted some sort of explanation regarding my order -- fortunately for me (and for the poor humorless gal that took my call), I learned that my order is in process and will be arriving shortly -- the emails I got in response to my inquiries were "canned" and do not apply to my particular order. Crisis averted....a but, let's talk about some crappy service.

Later in the day, the Big Dubya and I attempted to take our Christmas card photo.... "attempted" is the key word. The 'lil Dubya was actually pretty good, but trying to get him to hold his sister without crushing her..... well, that was asking a bit much. I'm guessing that some of the shots that don't make the cut will end up on the Big Dubya's site..... I may try again tonight..... or maybe I'll just drink a bottle of wine.

It's absurd to let this stress me out -- I know, but..... here we are 14 days 'til Christmas and I still don't have a card-suitable photo -- UGHHHH -- maybe I'll start drinking now.

On Sunday we went to our 2:30 appointment at a photographer's studio. I foolishly had it in my head that we could get a photo of the two kids together to give our parents... is this too much to ask? one picture with them both looking the same way -- they don't have to smile, they just have to be awake and not crying..... is this too much? apparently so

includes the following in it's definition of the word "appointment"

1. a fixed mutual agreement for a meeting; engagement
2. a meeting set for a specific time or place

I know the holidays are a tough time to have pictures taken, but when you've got an 18 month old and a 3 week old -- schedules are important -- they are the difference between success and failure. So, when the studio lets us stand around waiting... in an area where the 'lil man can't run free... for a good 30 minutes... the window of opportunity for a decent photo quickly evaporates.

The 'lil man was tired of being still -- he'd spend close to an hour in a car seat, then some more time in a stroller and now was being told that he couldn't run around. He was antsy and hungry (I wouldn't let him eat in his good clothes!) 'Lil Dubyette on the other hand wouldn't wake up -- I thought this was going to be a problem, until she did wake up... and was hungry... and wanted to be fed rather than held by her brother.....

So, when we finally got into the studio -- the 'lil man was thrilled to be able to run around and the 'lil princess was starved so, she just cried... and cried... making us long for the time when she was simply asleep. As a result, we left with two less-than-stellar individual photos -- and not a single brother-sister shot.

With less than two-weeks 'til Christmas, it's unlikely that I'll get another appointment -- but I'm tempted.....

Christmas Specials:
ABC Family is showing Mary Poppins.... a lovely movie, but hardly a holiday special. I did watch Polar Express on Saturday night -- it was cute, moved a bit slow.... not sure I'd put it up there in my list of faves, but..... it was watchable.


Sue said...

I'm impressed you're sending Christmas cards at all, what with a three week old and a toddler.

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