January 20, 2007

Ethics Question

Dear Internet Friends.....

I have a hypothetical for you..... if you found yourself in the following situation, what would you do?

You purchase a household machine (not that it matters, but it retails for $200ish) -- use it for a little less than a year only to have it fail to re-charge.... rendering it useless.

You contact the manufacturer and after going through all of their troubleshooting you come to the joint conclusion that the machine is defective.

The manufacturer agrees to provide a replacement machine if you simply ship back the defective one -- which you obviously agree to do.

Then, UPS arrives and delivers the replacement..... actually, UPS delivers two replacements.... so now you've got two machines.

What do you do? keep the extra machine? or be honest and return it?

Just wonderin'.........

On the diet front -- yesterday's weigh-in showed a loss of 2 more pounds (for those keeping score, we are down 6 with 6 to go) -- this is a miracle considering the gluttony that was last weekend. I'm thrilled to report that I'm wearing jeans today -- and although they don't look super-fantastic...... I've seen far worse. I am officially the weight I was when I got pregnant with Princess Dubyette -- it took 9 weeks (yes, can you believe it -- 9 weeks yesterday!!), but here I am. I was definitely skinnier at this weight the last time -- gravity is a bitch!

For anybody interested, I'm doing Weight Watchers (on my own on the internet with Aunt P... I don't go to meetings, because as I've noted before.... I hate people) -- and yes, they even have a program for nursing mothers.

Weight Watchers is great for me because you get to eat real food and you can even cheat if you accept the fact that you have to pay for it by sacrificing other stuff. My problem is that I like lots of food -- volume is my problem/weakness. I've learned that you actually can eat a lot of food on WW, it just has to be the "right" kind of food -- typically food that's high in fiber. Which brings me to this week's recommendation. This bread is really pretty good -- a lot of fiber-rich foods taste like wood -- but this is decent and because of all the fiber, it's pretty filling.

Last but not least by any stretch..... GO PATRIOTS!


Kara said...

If it's a Roomba, you ever so quietly send it to your very good friend in Massachusetts.

Or you use it as your upstairs Roomba... you know, because you have 2 floors and you won't have to carry it all the way upstairs when you want to use it up there.

I still really like the first idea ;)

Arwen said...

We had this problem last year with some teak furniture. The company we bought it from sent us two extra chairs (worth about $400). We kept them in the box for 90 days. We figured that would be about the amount of time it would take for them to reconcile their books and ask for them back. On the 91st day we assembled them. They are really comfortable. I have a poll over at my blog, please vote.

Elle*Bee said...

I'd call the company, let them know of the error. They can give you a UPS authorization number so that it will be sent back at their expense. But I'd return it because I wouldn't want to profit from someone else's mistake. This happened to me last year with some cu$tom ordered mini-blinds. They shipped direct from the manufacturer and I ended up with more than I ordered. I briefly contemplated keeping the extra as a spare (3 boys in my house, who knows how long the blinds would last, right?), but I didn't feel comfortable about it and returned it to store that I orig. ordered from and let them deal with sending it back to the mfgr.

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