January 17, 2007

Potpourri Post

Hello readers --

I apologize, I've fallen a bit behind in my posting -- we took the show on the road this past weekend... back to our old stomping grounds for Princess Dubyette's christening. It went off without a hitch -- sorta.

The service was lovely and the luncheon afterward was very nice.... well, it seemed to be very nice. The food was good, the drinks were plentiful -- all the children were well behaved (props to Baby Buffalo who was the senior stateswoman of the group -- she was very patient with the younger kids who were fighting for her attention -- but really, can you blame them?)

Later in the evening, Granny agreed to babysit so that Mr & Mrs Big Dubya could meet up with some friends for an evening cocktail. I haven't been out in so long, I was almost giddy!

About 40 minutes (and one coffee with Baileys) into the outing, Granny called (damn cellphones), the 'lil man had thrown up all over Granddad and was inconsolable crying for his Maaammmeeeee. Then I heard the words "Mrs Big Dubya, he needs you". I ran back to the table and was there long enough to see the Guinness I had just ordered delivered -- I grabbed my keys, said a quick goodbye and off I went. If my mother called me and admitted she needed help -- it must be dire.

I arrived home to see my diaper-clad and whimpering son being rocked by my Dad. If it wasn't so pathetic it would have been sweet. I helped Granny finish cleaning up and then retired to bed with my two babies. It was only the next day that I learned Granny was up all night sick.... as was Uncle Ro-Ro's girlfriend..... I'm just praying it wasn't something they ate.

In other news.... the Patriots ROCK! Bring on the Colts..... if the Big Dubya wants to get on my good side, he could get me one of these for Valentine's Day -- just a hint :)

I was very good on my diet last week -- and by Friday I'd lost an additional 2lbs -- bringing my total to 4, leaving 8 to go. But, then I was bad.... I mean B-A-D all weekend -- fried food, Italian food, bar food, wine, liquor....... so, although I'm back on the wagon.... I'm not sure this Friday's report will be all that stellar.

I have however, found these little gems -- only 2 Weight Watcher points. Don't get me wrong.... when they say "Little Bites" they do mean "LITTLE" -- however, if you need a little something sweet & chocolate with your tea -- these 'lil guys do the trick nicely. The Brownies are okay too -- not quite as good as the chocolate chip squares, but.... pretty good.

And, the biggest news of all...... today, I was able to zipper AND button my jeans -- WOOOO HOOO, it really is the little things in life!


Elle*Bee said...

Sorry to hear about the Lil Dubya. Is he feeling better now? Congrats on the weight loss. Yours is the second blog in a row I've visited where the author lost weight. I need to get back on track with my diet. (I unofficially doing Weight Watchers.)

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