January 30, 2007

I really am an insensitive and awful bitch

Okay, so those of you who've been around for a while may recall that breastfeeding the 'lil man was a real struggle for me -- click here for the refresher course.

Thank God the 'lil lady has been far more cooperative -- but, as I approach the inevitable return to work.... I'm beginning to stress out about pumping, maintaining supply all the crap I went through the last time. As is recommended, I've been pumping almost every morning since Christmas in order to build up a back-up supply (our freezer looks like a creepy science lab) -- but, I'm not sure I'm doing all I can, so I've started checking out some of the message boards that exist.... ivillage, kelly mom, even those crazy la leche people in an effort to get some tips from other been-there-done-that mothers who continued nursing after returning to work.

I came across this "tutorial" on how to pump "hands-free" that made me snicker..... yes, after the emotional basket case I became the last time, I really should not laugh...... (I mean, I'm actually taking the product pictured above) but seriously.... check it out.


Elle*Bee said...

I remember way back in '95, the la Leche League recommended brewer's yeast and fenugreek tea (I think that's how you spell it). Not tasty. I swear the tea made me smell like celery - but much stronger (and yes, I wear deodorant/antiperspirant). Ultimately, it was the pump-and-store method that worked best (and a hospital grade double pump). Good luck.

Arwen said...

I am an expert on pumping.
(I just heard you roll your eyes)
Here is why I consider myself an expert: I started travelling for work when Noodle was 9 weeks old and I pumped until she was six months old 4-8 times a day.
I know how to get felt up by a breast pump.
Ways to increase production:
1. warm water on the ta ta's
2. Fenugreek in a capsule (double whatever the recommended dosage is). I would like to forewarn you...you will smell like maple syrup. The pancake jokes really annoyed me.
3. IPA beer. yep. As soon as you start pumping suck down an IPA or any other extremely hoppy beer. It takes 45 minutes for alcohol to cross the breast milk barrier so you will be done pumping by the time the beer hits the milk. Hops are a natural estrogen and increase milk production.
4. The gross mother's milk tea.

Lastly, I was sure my daughter would die of starvation, malnourishment, lack of booby and so I pumped and pumped and pumped. This is a guilt trip that screws up moms who really love and care about their children. Formula, especially now that she has gotten a jump on your milk, will be fine. You strssing out about pumping will help noone, especially your beautiful brilliant child.

Ouch...I just tripped getting down from my soap box.

Kara said...

Oh. my. good. lord. Rubber bands?

I got nothing for the pumping. I rented the most expensive hospital pump I could find and the boobs were afraid of the pump. The 4 or 5 bottles of milk I was able to produce probably cost a fifty bucks each once I added up the cost of the tubing and pump rental. I'm with Arwen. Do your best and don't feel guilty. You're an amazing mom!!!

Brandi said...

The rubber bands look hilarious, but it really does work. My husband thought I was crazy to be so excited to finally have my hands free while pumping. My daughter never learned to latch well, so I exclusively pumped for 8 months. The worst was at night. How I hated those nights when everyone was asleep but me and my pump. Fenugreek is great for increasing milk supply, by the way. I never really smelled like maple syrup, but I was constantly burping it.

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