January 29, 2007

Random thoughts from the weekend

The Big Dubya and I took the kids and met up with Aunt P, Mr Tall Guy and Granny for a few days of R&R in Atlantic City.

Why AC you ask? Well, it's drivable (4 hours from us here in CT -- a little longer for those in MA) -- the resort is pretty nice (and cheap this time of year) -- and there's lots to do.

What did we do while we were there? Well, the Big Dubya and I took advantage of the rare opportunity to go out..... Granny babysat for us twice!!!

The first time, we went and gambled a little here -- and then had a couple of pints here.

The second time, we went for dinner here and then saw his show. The show? it was really very good -- I wasn't sure what to expect -- but it was very funny without being dirty (a lot of comics are a bit too raunchy for my taste). I kinda wish the woman behind me didn't have to repeat every punchline.....

It was great to get away for a few days -- the kids were fantastic (even in the car) -- oh, and what's more fun than giving your almost 20-month old a bath in a great big hotel jacuzzi tub?

As for the diet..... well, that kind of went on hiatus, but we are back with a vengeance today! I did manage to get into another pair of pre-baby jeans, so..... I'm still doing okay and on track to be in my business clothes by the time I go back to work in mid-February.


Aunt P said...

you forgot to mention your pre-noon fancy drink.

Kara said...

Good job Dubyas!!!

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