January 7, 2007

Friday Randomness

Yes, I realize I'm posting this on Sunday morning, but..... the post was born on Friday and has been simmering since, so.... here it is.

After caring for two sick babies for many, many days.... Mrs Big Dubya's iron-willed immune system finally succumbed. After discovering Thursday night that her throat was landscaped with pockets of puss and fiery red blisters, Mrs Big Dubya paid a visit to the doctor on Friday morning and was prescribed some horse pills to treat her sinusitis, nasty "strep-like" throat infection and a rapidly deteriorating ear situation. Feeling a bit better now... thank God!

Despite not eating very much, due to an inability to swallow without crying (oh, the traffic Google searches will bring on that one), I've only lost two pounds, kind of a bummer -- but two is better than nothing. 10 pounds to go!

Speaking of setting goals..... I got a text message from Kara on Saturday, and the ladies of Team Mimi successfully finished their road-race in Orlando -- I'm so proud of and inspired by them -- WAY TO GO!

Last week was a great one for women -- yes, I'm a republican and no fan of San-Fran-Nan (Nancy Pelosi), but 1st woman speaker..... that is very cool. I was however, HORRIFIED when she invited all the children to the podium. Her six-week old grandson was there being cradled by what appeared to be a six-year old! I was like a wild woman... shouting at the TV "....is anybody else seeing this? Is there no adult, or even older child, who could hold this newborn? Please God don't let her drop him."

The little girl did a fine job -- the baby's head did flop around a few times, but she managed okay the rest of the time.... but if that had been Britney Spears' baby.... this would be all over the tabloids!


Mamacita Tina said...

Yikes. I'm hoping she didn't realize the six year old would bring out the newborn.

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