January 30, 2007

Things I Don't Understand
By Mrs Big Dubya

I don't watch Grey's Anatomy, and am only superficially aware of all the controversy swirling around, but what the hell kinda therapy or rehab is this dude getting? I mean for drugs and/or booze you learn to stop using or drinking...... what's he gonna learn? how to not be hateful? how to not be stupid? how to keep your mouth shut (particularly when there are live cameras EVERYWHERE)?

I'm not a huge fan of horse racing and I like animals as much as the next guy, but there are real news stories to be told -- do we need all this fuss over the passing of Barbaro? People are actually going to Churchill Downs to pay their respects......
"Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum will position large condolence cards at their main customer entrances on Wednesday, Jan. 31, offering customers and race fans the opportunity to send personal messages to the connections of Kentucky Derby 132 winner Barbaro following his death on Jan. 29. "

Sex tapes, nude photos and raunchy diaries...... let me begin by saying I don't have any..... but if I did, I think I'd make an effort to keep track of them.... and I certainly wouldn't keep them in a storage unit and then forget/refuse to pay the bill -- her parents must be so proud. But, while I'm at it.... who'd actually pay $40 to access this scank's stuff?


Aunt P said...

Maybe people view the horse like Lassie or something. Didn't Lassie & Mr. Ed get hollywood stars? I'm guessing people mourned for them as well.

Kara said...

At least Lassie saved a kid from a well.

Barbaro was a business. He was a 4 year old cash cow for his owners. He kept a crew of people employed, he won like one or 2 big races, and he got hurt. In a few years he would be put to pasture and stimulated by a machine to produce a few million bucks worth of semen.

It's not like he was anyone's pet. I totally don't get it.

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