January 22, 2007

Finding the words

Lately we've been treated to the 'lil man's ever-expanding vocabulary.

While visiting over Christmas my Dad taught him to clutch anything and everything he could find closely to his chest and proclaim "MINE!" with an evil cackle.

If the 'lil princess cries, he yells out "UH-OH Bay-beeeee"

The lovely woman at the deli counter of Stop & Shop greets the 'lil man with delight every week and offers him a slice of cheese.... this week, he looked at her with his big Bambi eyes and asked for a "CACKAH" -- yep, that's my kid.... he wants a cracker with his cheese. Next week he'll be asking her for a glass of wine too.

At dinner last night, he demanded we give him a "FORK" -- to eat his nachos -- apparently he's too refined for finger food.

And of course, my favorite is when he gets thristy and yells out "DAAHHHEEEE, MILLLKCHKKK KLEEEEZZZ" For those of you who don't speak 'lil Dubya, that's "Daddy, Milk Please"

At least he says please


Elle*Bee said...

crackers and cheese? He sounds like he has very discerning taste (not like the Ritz and Cheez Whiz bunch I hang with at my house).

Mamacita Tina said...

'Lil Dubya's language is sure taking off, and so are his tastes.

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