January 10, 2007

Overnight Trip???

Fortunately, all the Dubyas are on the mend (thank God!) and we can take a break from posting about vomit.

'Lil Dubya's 19 mos and we've never left him overnight. Sure, I went out of town for a couple of nights once (well, twice if you count my hospital stay after having the little lady) and the Big Dubya's been away a bunch, but one or both of us has always been with him.

There are a bunch of reasons for this -- part of it is that I don't want to be one of those people that dumps my kids on people -- the fact that our parents and families our out of state is another factor. But when it comes down to it, the main reason is me. I miss him too much when he's not with me. I've come close to leaving him a couple of times -- I almost left him with the Buffalos (the most responsible parents we know) the night of Aunt P's wedding -- but I chickened out at the last minute.

Well, our fifth wedding anniversary is next month and we would love to do something..... something more than splurging for extra cheese on the pizza. We've gotten a couple of very generous babysitting offers.... I'm just not sure I can do it... especially with the princess.

Am I crazy? Have you ever left your kids overnight? How old were they?


Elle*Bee said...

I've gone out of town to visit my mother, but I've always left the kids with Dear Hubby. The first time he and I went away overnight together was for our 15th anniversary (a spa weekend) - two nights and three days. The kids were 9, 7 and 2 at the time. This year we considered going on a church-sponsored trip to Europe but I'm not ready to go that far away for that long.

Sue said...

I've gone out of the state on business, but D's been around when I do that.

We did go overnight to Foxwoods once for my birthday when C was about 2 - she stayed with my mom. If my mom were still alive I'm sure there would have been more overnights.

If you have an offer from someone you trust, go for it! One night would be a nice "test" - and you wouldn't be so far away that you couldn't get back if you really needed to.

Happy Anniversary!

Arwen said...

Noodle is almost 6 and she has spent 2 nights away from us, ever. Once when she was about Lil's age now and once last fall when Hubby needed surgery.
Of course, since I travel for work she is almost always with hubby as a single parent but that doesn't count.

Kara said...

We'd LOVE to... when do you want us?

BTW- She was 3 and we went away for a weekend wedding and I cried for the entire second day. That was really fun for the husband.

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