November 4, 2005

Laundry, laundry, laundry

So, I ask myself.... "Self, why do you bother?"

This morning, we got up -- the Big Dubya went off to work..... I embarked on my work-from-home-on-Fridays adventure... all was going just fine.

'Lil Dubya opted to sleep in.... didn't get up 'til almost 8:00 which is pretty impressive. He got up, we got him dressed, fed and he was hanging in his excersaucer while I assembled the week's dirty laundry -- a household chore I can do while I am working from home. It occurred to me that I was still in my jammies and that I really ought to get out of the habit of wearing them all day on Fridays....... apparently I forgot the reason I don't put on real clothes on Fridays.

So, I put on a nice cozy AnnTaylor sweater which I'm certain I paid too much for and a pair of jeans..... the 'lil guy continued to coo in his excersaucer and I tapped away on my laptop..... this work-from-home-Friday concept is a real winner. I got some stuff done.... issued some reports, emailed some pesky auditors.... and then it came time for 'Lil Dubya's late-morning feeding. So, we flipped on Molto Mario (Gotta feed the Foodnetwork addiction) and all was good.... until the 'Lil Dubya puked all over my sweater.... poor little guy..... now I remember why I don't get dressed on Fridays..... keeps the dry cleaning bill in check!


Kara said...

good job little guy!
And good job for getting anything done.
I was home with the kid for 2 days last week and I honestly don't remember how I managed to get anyhing done when i was at home with her. As messy as he may be now, just wait until he can walk.

Mr Big Dubya said...

I like that washer/dryer set :-)

Aunt P said...

At least it was a sweater and not the couch. Or a comforter that the hotel in cancun charges you for the special cleaning it requires.... Sorry, having flashbacks...

Susan said...

When my now-five-year-old was three, he yakked up fish sticks on my FAVORITE J.Crew cashmere sweater (clearly purchased BEFORE the kids).

Ten (or twelve or twenty, I forget how many exactly) washings later, it was all good. Although I've never made fish sticks again.

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