March 22, 2006

Adam, how could you do it?

As a sports fan, I'm fairly loyal to a few teams.... my parents came to the United States in the late '60s and their first real exposure to American sports were the '69 Mets. My mother talks of being amazed by the ticker-tape parade and the people of New York celebrating in the street. After moving to the Boston area in the late '70s, my mother became a RedSox fan.... my Dad, he stayed loyal to the Mets. The fall of 1986 was tense in our house....... but we survived.

My Dad took us to a few RedSox games and we got to see the many of the greats play..... I remember him saying that when I grew up, I'd be able to say that I saw Yaz play. That was back when it wasn't all that unusual for a player to spend their entire career with one team.... I think that time has passed.

As fans, we expect the players to be as loyal to their team as we are..... but for them, it's a job -- they are loyal to the team that pays them..... whatever team that happens to be. Cognitively I understand that.... and seeing one player or another depart the home team..... I don't always like it, but it's a fact of life. But some players..... some players you just expect more from.... you expect them to always be there..... when they leave, it's personal.

Which brings me to Adam Vinatieri.... how could he leave us???


Sue said...

I thought the Patriots didn't designate him as a franchise player?

Kara said...

argh! this makes me SO very sad. i sent hubby a text about vinateiri AND arroyo yesterday and he is as stunned as we all are. arroyo phoned it in last season but adam was rock solid.

serious buzz kill.

i realized at the kiddo's gymnastics class that i should have added vin's departure to my 'grouchy' post today.

MetroDad said...

Mixed marriages are often extremely difficult on the family. Although I love my wife very much, she's a Yankees fan. It causes problems sometimes but, like every good couple, we've learned to respect each other's differences. But if I had to choose between her and a Met's World Series victory, it might be a tough call.

DivaP said...

I can only allocate about 1 brain cell to sports ... but from what I understand it's the Patriots who did not "protect" Adam this year. He will be missed I think.

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