March 9, 2006

Maid of Honor..... Matron of Honor..... Chief Bride Slave

So, Aunt P is in the process of planning her big day......

Between our hometown church burning down and her general tendency toward procrastination..... it's taken her quite a while to figure out when and where she was going to get married..... but it appears that she's got her ass in gear and is going to move forward.

She's hoping to keep her wedding small..... and so I wasn't sure if she was going to bother with attendants. I mean, really..... what is the point? Do you really need to dress your closest friends up in matching outfits and seat them down front just so everyone who actually made the "cut" knows who you like the very best? So, I let her know that I'd run her shower & bachelorette party even if she didn't put me in the fluffy dress with the rest of her friends...... I really wouldn't be offended.

Anyway, we've gone wedding gown shopping a few times -- she made her decision and ordered a gown a week or so ago.... but, there was no word on a bridal party, so I figured she'd decided against it. Then, when I arrived home on Sunday.... there was a big box of chocolate covered strawberries on my front step. These weren't just any strawberries.... these things were huge..... ginormous...... these were the size of my head! The Big Dubya read the card aloud:

"I'm not sure if you are free or not, but if you are available on August 12, 2006, I was hoping you'd be my Matron of Honor. No pressure though... Give it some thought. -- your sister"

Of course I am honored to be asked..... but there was no need for a gift.... they were delicious by the way... I'm only a little ashamed to say I had a couple for breakfast on Monday morning...... but, is this the way things are done now? I must have been an awful hillbilly when I planned my wedding..... I took aunt P to lunch and asked her to be my maid of honor..... I think we had a couple of beers.... certainly not as decadent as the beauties that I found on my doorstep.

Anyway, I wasn't sure the proper etiquette for a response respond..... so I sent her back some berries (not nearly as nice I'm sure, but....) of her own with a card

"Yeah, sure"


Kara said...

yay auntie P!... so, do we get to babysit the little guy?

lafinaloud said...

finally caught up to your blog again..i am such an undedicated blogger....but i enjoy the reality and the humor of your posts. i have basically neglected mine as well but i did update today. the "mom" post made me chuckle..i have the same issues with my mom(don't we all?)she lives a state away and i have four kids plus an extra who lives with us.. i too am a type A personality..and commit to way too much in the home and outside the home, especially at work..but mom comes to visit and suddenly, i find myself wondering how she thinks i manage to do anything without her! she steps into my world for one day and it is as if i don't function alone the other 364..........MAKES ME yeah, i get it!

Aunt P said...

Cheif Bride slave? That seems a bit rough. And here I was trying to be non-conventional and cute in the way I asked you...

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