March 13, 2006


Okay..... so here we are.... 97 hours since the last critter sighting..... and.... still nothing.... all the traps are empty..... UGGGHHHHH

I apologize for the vulgar language used in my last post.... I like to think that it's atypical..... I don't like to let that side of me slip out..... I've been making an effort to clean up my language, apparently -- I haven't been all that successful..... but, I've got a 9 month old baby who loves to play, lie and/or roll-around on the floor.... and for the past 97 hours, I have not wanted him down there. The only thing that gets me more freaked than the fact that a mouse may or may not be living in my house.... is the thought of that fucking thing getting anywhere near my precious little boy.

Okay.... anyway -- the traps are still empty -- and on some level that should make me happy..... but no, I'm just pissed off..... all the time.

I'm paranoid -- I'm constantly thinking that I see something, or hear something -- but it's a shadow, or a sheet of paper, or the ice shifting in a glass of water. The Big Dubya has been very kind during my hysteria..... he pretends that I'm not being over the top, but I know it.... I am.....he knows it too. I've even gone so far as to make him inspect my shoes before I put them on.... I've heard mice like to live in or burrow in shoes.


Kara said...

maybe you scared it with your eeking. or maybe it's just warmer and wants to play outdoors with it's nice little mouse friends. or maybe the baby just ate it. in that case, problem solved!

Aunt P said...

I think it found your house to be too clean and left for a dirtier house. Oh crap... maybe I should keep an eye out for him...

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