March 19, 2006

I'm being stalked

Okay -- so, I know..... enough about the mouse, but.....

All the traps are empty... it's been over a week. The Big Dubya saw the 'lil bastard on Friday night, but he got away.... we set more traps, but still nothing -- enough already!

So, Saturday, we took the 'lil man to get his 9-month photos done.... I know, picture overkill, but my plan is 3 mos, 6, mos, 9 mos, 1 year, 18 mos, 2 years and then annually after that...... it's just that they just change so much during this first year. I was recalling his 6-month photo session and that he couldn't really sit up on his own.... several boppys were involved in keeping him upright. Here we are, barely 3 months later and he's standing (with the help of a stool of course, but.... standing people!)

We went to the photo place and the 'lil man slept in the car -- when we woke him up he had huge red cheeks and was drooling like water-works, but..... such is life with a teething baby. We got inside and the photographers that work with children are great -- so patient. She got some great shots -- so, we were going over them -- trying to decide what to buy (by the way, black & white remedies much of the red cheek issue -- but doesn't do much for the drool) when a mouse ran right by where we were sitting. HELLOOOO -- what the fuck did I do to the mouse gods, huh? what's next? my car? my office? huh?


Aunt P said...

LOL! Sucks to be you! maybe you have cheese stuck to the bottom of your shoe or something. I hear mice like cheese....

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