March 4, 2006

Well, the week from hell is over

So, we made it through the week..... Granny came to the rescue and took care of the 'lil man so that the Big Dubya & I could get back to work.

I hate to complain about my mother coming to babysit -- she totally bailed us out of a huge jam, but.... you all know me -- even when someone drops everything, drives 3 hours and spends 2 full days watching my sick kid for free..... I can still manage to be snarky and find something to complain about...... so, here it is -- Why is it, that when Granny comes to visit, she feels to the need to show me all the things the 'lil man knows how to do? and then tell me all his likes and dislikes?

I mean, she acts as if this is the first time I'm meeting him..... "Oh Mrs Big Dubya, he really likes apples" and "Oh Mrs Big Dubya, if you hold your hands like this -- he'll reach out for you" and of course, my favorite "Mrs Big Dubya, he isn't feeling well -- he has no appetite" -- Well, geez Ma, why the hell do you think you are here????? He's sick!!

But in the end -- he loves her, and she loves him and everything worked out wonderfully, so....


Kara said...

oh, you crack me up. someday we'll drive our kids this crazy. like today, i made lunch plans with my mom and we both got to the restaurant at noon (on time) and waited and waited. 45 minutes later we discovered that we were both at the correct restaurant, only on different sides of copley square.

la la la

Brandi said...

My MIL is the same way. She only sees Abby a few times a year, but she's constantly trying to make something sound bigger than it is. When we went to visit for Christmas, she swore that she heard Abby say "done" when she was done eating. Uh, no! She loves to tell me "You'd be surprised at how much she understands/knows." I spend all day long with my kid. I think I know her better than she does. It drives me crazy!

leelee said...

Love the image you posted with this! :)

My inlaws are the same way...uh yeah, like I don't live with my child and know everything he's capable of doing? Sheesh!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

A couple of weeks ago my parents AND my inlaws we over here trying to know more about the kids than each other.

I tried to say something and they all looked at me as if to say "What the hell do you know about them".

Right - I only see them ALL DAY EVERY DAY. I'm sure you guys have a better grasp on what they can and can't do.

Melissa said...

Damm grandparents, they think they know so much, just because they raised us. Glad she could help you though. I adore that picture.

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