March 15, 2006

The Internet.... a blessing? or a curse?

A few years ago, my little Irish mother came to me and said "teach me dot-coms, I want to learn dot-coms" -- apparently she'd been hearing a lot about the internet and email and she wanted to join the fun.

In some ways it was great, it opened up a whole new world to her.... she started emailing her sisters and old friends that she'd lost touch with. Aunt P and I bought her a computer for Christmas and she started monitoring the stock market.... she selects stocks and follows them religiously.... she doesn't buy them, but she keeps an eye on all the prices..... she gets excited when they go up, sad when they go down..... she emails us regularly and I send her pictures of the 'lil man.... all this is terrific.

The problem is the junk..... you know, the chain letters, the jokes, the stuff we all categorize as spam..... this is my mother's bread & butter. Not a day goes by that she doesn't send me some sort of joke or cartoon -- granted, this is a little annoying -- but the part that is really funny is that most of the stuff she sends is smut. That's right -- my little Irish mother sends me dirty, dirty, filthy emails..... AND she sends it to my husband too! She's even taken to sending this crap to my in-laws UGGGGHHHHH.

To add insult to injury.... most of the time, she's so naive and innocent -- she doesn't even understand the joke -- but she likes to be part of the fun, so...I suppose it's harmless.

This is was in today's somewhat vanilla batch....


Susan said...

Your mother needs a blog. Then she could entertain us all!

Kim said...

That just looks painful.

Oh, and I agree with Susan. Share the pain.

Kara said...

niiiiice, granny. nice.

Corinne said...

Holy Crap, that's awful... at least you can be entertained!!

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