January 28, 2006

Family Restrooms

Being that we made the all-too-frequent jaunt from our humble home in CT to our hometown just south of Boston this weekend.... we had yet another opportunity to take advantage of what is known as a "Family Restroom" at a rest stop on the Mass Pike. Anyone whose had the opportunity to travel (or even just to go out in public) with a child knows how great these restrooms can be..... enables parents to use the bathroom while keeping an eye on their little ones..... change a diaper.... help a toddler "go potty" -- I do however, have a bit of a complaint. I'm thinking that these facilities must have been designed by men..... I don't say this as a slag at men, but...... because the changing tables (similar to those pictured above) are never located anywhere near a sink..... How are you supposed to wash your hands after you've changed a baby's diaper? You certainly can't leave the baby lying on that flip down table while you dash across the bathroom to wash up..... and trying to wash your hands while holding your baby is a pain in the butt. If the Big Dubya's with me, I end up bringing the babe out handing him off and going back in for a hand-washing..... when I'm on my own, I do what I can..... but wouldn't it make more sense to just design these facilities a bit better? The Westfarms Mall has a changing station with a sink built in (must have been a mother that designed it!)

Just a thought....

Then again, I suppose I should be grateful for the number of places that have such changing tables..... I mean, the ideal situation is the family restroom -- either a mother or a father can attend to the little one's plumbing needs. In second place is the mens/ladies room that has the changing station inside.... granted, not quite as convenient -- but fine nonetheless -- enables you to change a diaper with relative ease. However, I met Aunt P at a restaurant for lunch on my way back to Boston yesterday -- we went to the cutest little Italian place, Il Forno. At first I was a little concerned.... not everywhere is baby-friendly, but honestly -- the people there couldn't have been nicer. The waitresses and the hostess went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed for the 'lil guy. Our very adorable waiter even went so far as to offer to hold/occupy him so that I could eat my meal..... granted, we didn't take advantage of this very kind offer -- but the gesture was certainly appreciated. The food was amazing by the way, and very reasonable.... but, there was no changing station in the restroom! I had to change the 'lil man's diaper in the car! Now, granted -- we change his diaper in the car all the time, but.... it's January, in New England..... it's cold out and after sitting in a restaurant for an hour.... the car had gotten chilly!


Kara said...

just what does this say, exactly? the ONLY changing table in the museum of fine arts in boston is in a fire escape stairwell. i shit you not. i have changed about a dozen diapers there, in semi-darkness worrying that nobody will hear our screams if we got trapped in there.

and yes, I know where every changing table, elevator, and handicapped entrance in the city is located.

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