January 29, 2006

What people do at highway rest areas?

As I mentioned in yesterday's post..... I made the trek back to Boston on Friday. The 'lil man was outstanding..... both on the ride and in the restaurant we met Aunt P for lunch at.

Saturday was a very busy day too..... I got up and went for a pedicure with Aunt P.... Granny babysat, which was a nice treat. Next, Aunt P and I took the 'lil man to visit his other grandparents, the Big Dubya's parents. He was a doll..... charmed the pants right off them. After that visit, we picked up Granny and went out for lunch --- pureed peaches weren't on the menu, so the 'lil man decided to just sit in his seat and snooze. After lunch, we went wedding-gown shopping for Aunt P (she still claims that she's gonna marry Mr Tall Guy, but we still have no firm date).

The 'lil Dubya could not have been better..... he woke up and just started yammering away to all the ladies in the shop. One woman couldn't take her eyes off of him and kept promising (threatening) to "put him on a cracker!". Someone's gonna have to explain to me why people think I want to hear how they are going to eat my child, but I digress.

Okay, all of this goodness had to end, right? YUP..... and of course, it happened on the Mass Pike on the way back last night. At that point in the trip, there isn't a whole lot I can do.... we are still a good hour and a half from home.... and an hour into the trip.... turning back was not an option either. We stopped at a service area, had half a bottle and that seemed to calm him down.... so, we got back on the road. Of course, after about 5 minutes he started to scream again..... what can I do? I pulled into a "picnic area".....these places are so sketchy. There was a pick-up truck, two 18-wheelers and a limo..... a limo? you take a limo to a highway rest area?

Focus, I must focus on the child..... I locked the doors and climbed into the backseat. Once I flipped on the interior light the 'lil man calmed down again..... hmmmmm..... interesting...... could it be? .......does he just not want to be in the dark? Hmmmmmm I can't exactly drive down interstate 84 with my interior light on, or could I? Well, maybe if I could dim it a little..... if only I had some tape........ so yes, I used a diaper.... I used the tabs on the diaper to tape it over the light. The 'lil Dubya seemed a bit amused to see his Pamper dangling from the ceiling of the car and we got back on the road. 10 minute s later, he was screeching again..... we pulled into a rest stop yet again..... more random cars..... all of these people can't have screaming babies.... are they really having secret rendez-vous? Oh dear..... focus Mrs Big Dubya, F-O-C-U-S.... after the second half of that bottle and some good old-fashioned cuddling (yeah, new fangled cuddling was probably happening in those other cars) I was finally able to get the 'lil Dubya back to sleep and he stayed that way for the rest of the trip.


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