January 13, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

Isn't it funny?..... Everyone has guilty pleasures. You know, those really stupid things that you enjoy -- but are totally and utterly embarrassed that you do.... and are oh so mortified at the possibility that people might find out..... For some people it's TV shows.... I remember guys in college who refused to go out until after Melrose Place (the Big Dubya still claims he used to tape it for his brother.... uh-huh, sure you did)..... they wouldn't admit that this was the reason, but it was..... we all knew it was. I find it now with reality shows.... sure, in the beginning a guy who watched Survivor was cool -- but, what man isn't a little ashamed to admit he watches American Idol or Dancing with the Stars? I mean c'mon?

In the spirit of openness.... I thought I'd share some of my personal guilty pleasures....sharing isn't easy for me, but..... it's a new year, I ought to try some new things -- who knows, maybe some of you will be overcome by your desire to share your own guilty pleasures..... and you'll be inspired to de-lurk.... anyway, here they are..... in no particular order

1. General Hospital -- have been watching on-and-off since I was 7 years old. I had totally kicked the habit.... and then we got Dish Network.... which offers SoapNet.... now I can watch GH several times a day.... I can even watch a marathon of the previous week's episodes on weekends -- it's a sickness people! Oh, and Aunt P called today to say Robert Scorpio is coming back!

2. SoapNet..... yeah, well.... see #1

3. Taco Bell. Yes, I know -- everyone has a weakness for fastfood once in a while.... But, I love it all -- McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's..... but Taco Bell is like the very bottom of the fast food chain. I mean, does anybody know what kind of "meat" they use in those Meximelts??? Well, you know what?..... I dunno and I don't care -- they are yummy dammit!! oh, and while you are at it -- make mine with Fire Sauce

4. Tabloids -- they are like train wrecks.... I can't help myself. Now, in fairness -- I don't buy them.... but while standing in the check-out line, I can't help but wonder.... what kind of drugs did Tom Cruise start taking? and is that really his baby? will her family stage an intervention and stop all this couch-jumping-madness?

5. YooHoo! Yes, I know.... the whole concept is just gross -- it's not really milk, but it does include "milk product" -- I don't care.... it's luscious chocolaty heaven in a gorgeous yellow bottle -- and for years, I just couldn't get enough of it.....the Big Dubya used to have to go fetch it for me at all hours..... But I did it -- I quit..... I got that big delicious chocolaty monkey off my back -- but every day's a struggle.

6. Rolling Rock..... (Rolling Rock Lite too) -- something about this premium beer from the glass-lined tanks of Old Latrobe..... add a slice of lime.... so refreshing -- 33 people, 33

7. Chicken patties..... you know the ones I mean.... those round chicken patties that are served in every grade school, high school and college in America. When I was in college they were known as "chicken pucks" as they resembled hockey pucks.... I've also heard them called "cluck pucks".... and "door stops". They aren't at all nutritional, but with a hamburger roll they totally versatile.... add some marinara & cheese.... chicken parm sandwich.... add some buffalo sauce.... buffalo chicken sandwich.... the possibilities are endless with these beauties!

8. Speaking of chicken..... that chicken they have at the Japanese place on the food court. I know it's loaded up with fat.... and whatever that stuff they squirt all over it is, but man is it goooood. I can't go to the mall without passing through the food court to see if they are giving out the chicken samples.

9. Keeping on the sample track..... I love when they give out samples at the market..... you know when they set up at the end of an aisle and let you try the "featured product". I never intend on buying it -- it's usually food that simply would not eat -- but trying a tiny taste often satisfies a curiosity..... BJs has these samples on a regular basis.

I was hoping to round this out to make an even 10..... but, I'm kind of struggling here for 1 more..... well, the last couple have been a stretch -- I'm sure they exist.... I just can't seem to get my little brain to cough 'em up and I'm a bit too impatient to delay the post -- so..... here they are.... I'll update if I'm struck with some more.... please feel free to share your own guilty pleasures

PS Happy Friday!


Kara said...

mnay guilty pleasures. but I will write my own this weekend. Thanks for the idea!!

Mr Big Dubya said...

If you're gonna call me out and then throw me under the bus, at least get the show right - it was never Melrose - it was 90210

Mr. Cape Buffalo said...

Great Topic!A couple of mine for the Dubya clan and others to laugh at.
From the bad TV show category: Battlestar Galactica (new primarily, but the old one was a former favorite too) Buffy, Smallville.
Bad Food category: TACO BELL (oh hell yeah! and how good was that totally-devised-by-marketing-department Crunchwrap Supreme?!?! Oh how I miss its limited time deliciousness!)and Strawberry Quik
Any others I ought to save in case Mrs. Cape Buffalo follows suit in her own blog

Brandi said...

My husband got hooked on Days Of Our Lives in college. I've been watching it and GH on and off since I was a kid too. I'd spend a week at a time at my grandparents' house a couple times a year, and my Gumma is a soap junkie, so she got me hooked. I don't watch GH very often, but I still watch Days every chance I get. I love the completely over the top story lines. My husband and I used to tape it and watch it together in the evenings. I'm jealous you have Soapnet!

I also love the celebrity trashy magazines like UsWeekly. I've been known to buy it on occasion, and my husband ends up reading it cover to cover first. He'd kill me if he knew I was telling on him like this.

My favorite fast food is McDonald's chicken mcnuggets. And not the new "white meat" ones either. Those just aren't as good as the old "mystery meat" ones.

Susan said...

Robert Scorpio is coming back! Seriously???

I heard on XM Radio (my guilty pleasure) that Dr Noah Drake is coming back, too. Although I suspect that Rick Springfield has not aged well. We'll see (okay, YOU will, because I'm always in the carpool line during GH. Dammit). Keep me posted.

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