January 21, 2006

Tax Time

Yes friends.... it's that time of year yet again.... it's time for me to get all pissed off and foul-mouthed over the obscene amount of taxes the Dubyas have to pay each year.

Our friends all told us that "once you buy a house, you'll have some deductions....you guys pay a lot of taxes because you are married and you don't own anything yet". Then it was, "once you have kids.... you'll have some more deductions.... you pay a lot of taxes because you have no dependents."

Well dear readers..... we bought a house..... he had a baby..... and you know what? that is a load of bona fide bull-shit! Yes, you heard me.... I said bull-shit!

I've discovered that the Dubyas made a big mistake early on in their young adult lives.... they went and got educated! That, my friends, was mistake #1. Mistake #2 was that they chose to work hard.... hard enough to move up in their organizations.... increase their level of responsibility and in some cases enjoy a certainl level of success in their chosen careers. Because, usually (if you are doing it right) along with hard work and success comes a reward..... CASH. I'm not going to pretend that I get up every morning and leave my precious little man because I want the fulfillment --Ummmm NO! -- I'm not afraid to admit it.... I go to work for one reason, and one reason only....BECAUSE THEY PAY ME!!! And let's take it one step further, my theory is that if we can't afford for me to stay home.... (and, we can't) and I have to go to work.... then I'm going to work my tail off and get them to pay me as much as possible....for working as little as possible. I'm not leaving my little man for anything less than the most I can get out of them. So many women won't say that they work for the money.... but I'll say it.... I work for the money. I went to college, I went to graduate school -- and sure, getting smarter was nice, but I did it because it meant I could earn more money.... I could live more comfortably.... shallow? sure, but it's the truth -- it's my truth.

Now, if you told me 5 years ago that I'd be getting paid what I get paid now and yet, I'd still spend the majority of my time flat broke..... I would have laughed in your face. But it's true.... and you know why it's true??? Because, after paying Uncle Sam and then for our health insurance, our dental insurance, our life insurance..... putting a modest amount into my 401K.... I get to take home somewhere in the neighborhood of 54% of my paycheck..... AND, that's before I pay the nice women who watch my 'lil guy every day! That's also before I pay property tax or excise tax.

I'm not entirely sure I couldn't do better collecting cans


Kara said...

and the tax post shows up the same day as the republican links. love it! am merely pretending the w2's (still unopened) don't exist. luckily, hubby made almost nada last year so we should get plenty back.
at least i hope so.
signed, one of the legion democrats who really can't stomach howard dean.

Sue said...

I hear you! We're in a similar situation - I have the benefits, the 401k, the dependent care, etc. all coming out of my check. So looking at my gross salary v. my net salary? Sad.

And then someone goes and changes his withholding so less tax gets taken out of his check "because we got money back last year".

Arwen said...

When I had my first review as a software ERP consultant (i.e more money than a business analyst) my manager asked what my favorite part of my job was. I told him 'Going home to my daughter.'
I feel your pain.
We are a one salary household though...

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