January 2, 2006

Farewell 2005, Welcome 2006

As I sat on the couch cuddling my teething baby and waiting for the clock to strike 12, I couldn't imagine a year better than 2005. I know how selfish that is.... so much sadness and tragedy this year.... Katrina, Rita, war, earthquakes...... but the Dubyas were blessed beyond our wildest dreams.... and to hope for anything more in '06 would be ludicrous!

Resolutions..... I've never been one for resolutions.... sure, stick to the diet.... but this year, I'll try to make a few more meaningful ones -- and they are as follows:

I will try to remember to take more pictures.... I've been better this year, but even still I remember to bring the camera places, but manage to forget to use it!

I will try to remind the Big Dubya (he's more skilled than I) to take more video.... last year we used our Christmas money to buy a nice video camera because we knew the 'lil guy was coming.... we need to use it more!

I will try to work less.... I spend too much time at work and not enough time at home.... my goal is to work just enough to do a good job and get paid.....

I will try to eat healthier.... lose a few pounds.... not because of the vain reasons (and the skinny jeans that miss the light of day) but because I'll have more energy for my 'lil man

I will try to keep on top of the housework..... 'cause I'm less grumpy when the house is clean

None of them are profound or difficult (I could have resolved to be a better person or something unattainable like that!) ..... but they are doable.

Today's featured diet product: Fresca!

I remember my mother drinking it in the '70s, but it's still yummy! They have some nifty new flavors (peach?, black cherry?) which I think are unnecessary (I tried the peach, but prefer the original) but.... to each his own.
The Numbers:

Calories o
Fat 0 grams
Carbs 0 grams

Fiber 0 grams


Kara said...

oh, that baby! I want to eat him!!

Aunt P said...

Not so sure about Fresca... My diet drink of choice is definately Coke Zero. Yummy!

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