January 12, 2006

Girl Scout Cookies

So, here I am.... at work.... and, like so many people in the big-bad-business world, lately I've been inundated with parents selling Girl Scout Cookies for their daughter, niece, cousin.....

Now, I am a product of Catholic Schools.... 12 years of Catholic School to be specific.... so I know what it's like to have to pedal this kind of stuff. Chocolates, calendars, gift-wrap..... we were constantly being asked to sell stuff to supplement our exorbitant tuition. My parents hated the idea of asking friends & neighbors to buy stuff -- my Mom stayed at home and my Dad was in construction.... so it wasn't like he was going to ask the fellows on his crew if they'd like to buy a nifty scented candle. As a result, it wasn't unusual for me to be among the lowest-sellers in the class.... a humiliating position to hold..... but character building nonetheless. That is, of course, unless we were selling these..... Dad was good for buying a couple of cases of those on his own.

Anyway, it's hard to buy from one co-worker and not from another -- so I end up buying a box from just about everybody on our floor..... what does this add up to.... a bunch of damn cookies that I don't even like that much. I suppose it's not really that I don't like them... these ones are quite good with a mug o' tea -- but for what you get.... they are expensive! I mean really -- $4 for 16 cookies? Based on my math..... the Girl Scouts should hook up with Nabisco. You can get a pack of 34 Oreos for $1.88 on sale at Stop & Shop this week.

In other news -- although I haven't been writing about it, I have been fairly good on my diet. Sadly, I gained back some of the fluid weight I lost from being sick earlier in the week, but I'm still down about 7lbs from Christmas -- not too shabby. I'd be happy with 6-8 more..... hmmmm, I'd be ecstatic with 10 more, hell.... 14 more, I'd be damn close to orgasmic -- But..... we should probably stay in the real world -- if I could get down 6 more I think I could be pretty damn giddy.

My featured diet product for today are Kashi Bars.

Now, I can be honest..... the first time I had them -- I thought they tasted like wood. But, I hate to waste food and decided I'd finish the box..... I'm hooked. They are expensive -- but you can either get them on sale at the supermarket or you can get a variety pack at BJs.

The Numbers:
Calories 130
Fat 5 grams
Carbs 20 grams
Fiber 4 grams
WW points 2

Please note..... this is still delurking week.... and I'd love to learn I have more than 5 readers :)


Aunt P said...

You know I don't think that I've even seen these at the supermarket. I'll try them once I figure out if I'm allergic to nuts or not. But thank you for reminding me that I have to place my annual girl scout order with the woman a few cubes down... Not sure why I buy them - I just end up giving them away to the units. Catholic guilt is grand...

Mr Big Dubya said...

I love World's Finest Chocolates

Allow me to say here, in front of the entire blogosphere, that you look great!

Kara said...

you are SO good mrs. big w. now that the vacation is officially over, i have no choice but to start the annual slimming ritual.
starting with those bar things. they don't have raisins do they?

Kim said...

I'll de-lurk and say thanks for a great blog! The diet stuff is inspiring. I lost my baby weight, then put it back on due to large doses of Fenugreek making me think I was starving....

Corinne said...

Kashi ain't that bad... I love the cereal Strawberry Fields... very tasty. :) Have you tried their instant oatmeal? That was a favorite of mine when I was on Weight Watchers.

BTW, I read your blog almost every day, so Happy Delurking Week!!!!

Brandi said...

I love Girl Scout cookies. My husband cringes every time he sees a group of girl scouts camped out in front of the grocery store because he knows I can't resist buying several boxes.

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