January 3, 2006

Mariah Carey and Charo..... Separated at Birth?

Does anybody else see it?I mean, over the weekend I saw several interviews with Mariah Carey.... who was busting out of her outfit (just like Charo) and speaking very poor English (at least Charo has an excuse)..... and all I kept wondering was..... hmmmmm, if they ever decide to make Love Boat the Movie, she'd be a terrific Charo

Coochi, Coochi


Kara said...

oh my goodness. you're totally right. now when i look at myself sideways in a mirror, i can say "well at least i'm not as fat as mariah carey.'

Rude Cactus said...

Oh my. Dead on. And I never would have put them side by side before. Huh.

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